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Day 2

Travel from Taber, AB to Helena, MT

snow -19 °C

We had good and bad travel conditions.

We traveled AB Hwy 36 to AB Hwy 4 to the border crossing at Coutts, MT. Everything went pretty well but we were asked a new question which was. "Have you ever been arrested and finger printed." We were surprised by that question and we think the border officer could tell by the look on our faces that the answer was "no". She just laughed and said, "I guess not." and away we went.

Travel to Great Falls was pretty good. There were times when the snow drifted from west to east and other times it drifted from east to west. We thought that was odd.

We always look forward to the drive from Great Falls to Helena as it goes through beautiful mountain passes. The road follows the Missouri River through the Big Belt Mountains. We took a couple pictures as we entered the mountains.

Big Belt Mountains

Big Belt Mountains

Missouri River has open water even at this time of year

Missouri River has open water even at this time of year

The drive through the mountains from Great Falls to Helena was interesting. We did see some Canada Geese on the fields near the road and on the Missouri River. We did see some scenery but mostly we saw icy roads. The speed limit for cars is 80 mph or 128 kmh but we averaged 50 mph or 80 kmh. We got to Helena safely but admit that winter travel in the mountains can be interesting.

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Day 1

Snow Storms

snow -17 °C

We left home about 9:30 AM. The drive to Moose Jaw was a slight challenge because of the snow storm.

Once we left Moose Jaw the storm became very active and we were often driving in a "white out". This was made worse by the fact that we were following semi trucks.

This white knuckle drive lasted until we reached Morse, SK where the storm let up and the right-hand lane was clear of snow. Passing was still a challenge but manageable.

We stopped for lunch at Swift Current, SK. The sun was shining and the road was clear. We were relieved to be past the worst of the weather.

After lunch we drove to Maple Creek, SK. The weather was not bad - sort of typical winter driving in SK.

We found this sign as we drove to the home where we had coffee with relatives. This sign celebrates the "cowboy culture" of this community. Art says it looks like Reta's Dad.


After having a pleasant visit we set off for Taber, AB. The roads were again more typical winter driving so the miles/kilometres flew by. We found a short cut that bypassed Medicine Hat, AB, if you are driving from Hwy 1 to AB Hwy 3, that saved us quite a bit of time as we did not have to drive through Medicine Hat and it saved maybe 20 Kilometres. We were hesitant about this road as it is called Township Road 120 and may have been a small poorly maintained road but while it was only two lane, it was paved and it was well traveled and well maintained.

We are now happily settled in our motel for the night.

More adventures tomorrow

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Another winter adventure

exploring and visiting family andfriends

sunny -19 °C

Watch for new entries on our adventures.

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